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Plotter Graphtec CE6000 60

Graphtec 24′ CE6000 60 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Review

The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter is the latest most updated vinyl cutter. It has successfully boosted the CE3000MK2 series with many improved features. It is technologically more advanced and comes with a cleaner and more eco friendly electronic design.

According to plotter experts, the plotter Graphtec ce6000 60 Desktop Vinyl Cutter is indeed a machine that minimizes the environmental impact of the vinyl plotters throughout their lifestyle.

It offers an outstanding performance at a more reasonable cost and moves the CE series nearer to the flagship of the FC8000 but more especially without having to spend so much too.


Features of the Graphtec 24′ CE6000 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter

A Highly Rugged Design

The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter has a ragged design that makes it very much durable to use. You can enjoy up to twice the lifespan is you take good care of your plotter.

Simple/ Faster User Mode

The plotter Graphtec ce6000 60 is easier to use. It is simple to set up and works with absolute efficiency. Thanks to the improved maximum speed of 35.4 inches per second in all directions.

Maximum Cutting Force

The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter delivers maximum cutting force of about 300 grams.

Large LCD Control Panel

This allows you to manage your cutting jobs quite simply. The LCD is large and easy to follow through the working instructions.

High Compatibility with Windows 8

The USB port also supports a reliable connection to the computer. The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 thus is very much compatible to windows 8 and can be easily used to generate and feed newer designs.

Ability to Drive Multiple Cutters Simultaneously

The plotter Graphtec ce6000 60 enjoys eight preset cutting conditions. It also has advanced features such as the tangential control mode. When in use, it has the ability to drive all these multiple cutters simultaneously using the inbuilt software.

Automatic Detection of Any Plugged In Cutter

The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 is highly compatible to many cutters. However installing and setting up the cutters could take loner if you are green. The built in automatic detection will do the job for you.

Graphtec Studio Software Included in Setup

The plotter is highly versatile boasting of the Automatic Registration Mark Sensing technology (ARMS 5.0) and ROBO Master Software that offers precise media plotting and high cutting accuracy.

Included Cutting Master 3 Plug In

Working with sturdy floor stands and rear media roll rack, the plotter also has Cutting Master Plugin that makes it very dependable for large works load and quick setups that work faster.

Adaptable to Adobe and Corel Draw

The plotter is also very adaptable to the latest graphic design software, Corel Draw and Adobe. This makes it highly reliable and easy to use.  It is also extremely efficient and quite dependable.

Contour Cutting for Pre-Printed Graphics

It has contour Cutting with Auto Sensor System Cutting.  Works pre-printed graphics, artwork and media irrespective of if they are solvent based printers, water-based inkjet printers and laser printers.

Included Highly Adaptable USB Port

The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter is highly compatible to the legacy computer systems as well as the latest PCs. Thanks to the 25 pin Serial or USB 2.0 plugin that it comes with.

Exclusive User Manual

Has a user guide that works with a Studio Software Training Video and a set up manual to allow you to easily set up your plotter and make pretty efficient usage of the whole system without damage.

Graphtec Studio Software

This one works like the CutStudio Software and also allows you to quickly and easily enlarge, adjust, reduce, re-position, move, rotate, and mirror images.


Top Five Reasons to Buy the Graphtec 24′ CE6000

Let me say that the plotter Graphtec ce6000 60 features crown it all – the reasons why you should purchase this highly versatile machine. However, here are some more specific reasons to buy it.

Latest Technologies

The plotter has latest technology including the ROBO Master software, Cutting Master Plug-in, and Graphtec’s ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) system among other options too.

Affordable Pricing

At about $1800 the Graphtec CE6000 is an awesome bargain. You can get it easily around the best online shops and also within local malls. Buying online is however good as it comes with many offers and longer warranties.

High End Results

Think about it, 35.4 inches per second and about 300 grams of force, don’t the CE6000 just measure up to the larger vinyl cutting versions? This is efficient in providing high end results.

Saves Time/Energy

Because it is fast, this vinyl cutter gives you results very fast. At the end of it the cutter saves time and prevents you from using so much energy. This is also awesome if you intend to cut costs.

Highly Compatible

The plotter is compatible with almost every printer. It is also compatible to the latest graphic design software.


Reasons Not to Buy the Graphtec 24′ CE6000

The reasons not to buy the Graphtec 24′ CE6000 are very few. Compared to the pros they are actually negligible. They include the following.

  • The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 needs a manual to use.
  • The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 manual is rather vague.
  • The Graphtec 24′ CE6000 if mishandled can easily get damaged.

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Our Take

Is this the right cutter for you? You can never tell if the vinyl cutter you are looking at is the best by just looking at its qualities, hell no! Think about your work load, your type of use, the materials you intend to cut through, the size of the materials, the efficiency of the cutter, and how easy to use the cutter is.

If you follow these tips you should easily determine if a cutter is ideal for you. In fact don’t forget the pricing of the cutter. With these in mind, let’s just say that the plotter Graphtec ce6000 60 would be great for your use if you have a medium or smaller office space to work with and if your work load is not on the higher side.



There is no doubt that the Graphtec 24′ CE6000 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter is indeed an awesome machine for small and medium sized production. It is in fact very efficient for people who want to enjoy high precision contour cutting at a very affordable pricing among other things.

With its latest technologies the Graphtec 24′ CE6000 Desktop Vinyl Cutter Plotter can be a revolutionary machine for small business that does not enjoy the freedom of space. It is good for starters and can be easily used overboard even for more precision oriented print outs always.

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